How to start playing sports: the first steps (part 2) -

How to start playing sports: the first steps (part 2)

4. Pre-workout workouts

If you haven’t been to the gym for a long time, light workouts at home can help your body get ready for the hard work ahead. Having mastered the exercise technique at home, you will feel more comfortable in the gym. It is advisable to start home workouts as early as possible. Their duration is usually 1-2 weeks (while everything else is being prepared).

Cardio training

Light cardiovascular exercise improves heart function, blood circulation, and mobility. Choose whatever kind of aerobic activity you like (regular walking will do for most people), and exercise for 15-30 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week.

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Strength training

Before going to the gym, it’s a good idea to strengthen your muscles at home with simple strength exercises.

Bodyweight exercises are ideal for this – you will master different movements and learn to feel the work of muscles.

Do a cycle of four to five bodyweight exercises for 10-15 repetitions. Breaks should be 30-60 seconds. To work out all the muscles in a comprehensive manner, you need to choose one exercise for each part of the body.

Change your exercises for each workout. The muscles will not be able to adapt to the load, and you will learn to perform various movements. After a while, you will feel the strength to move on to weight work.

5. Introspection …

The Italian Stallion had to work hard to win the right to enter the ring with Apollo. The same fate awaits you. You can go to workouts every day, but the results will largely depend on what is happening outside the walls of the gym. If you lead a hectic lifestyle, you will not be able to achieve your goals.

Monitor alcohol consumption and stress levels; get a good sleep; keep motivated. Each of these factors plays a huge role in the path to success.

Sleep is essential for normal muscle recovery and metabolism. Chronic sleep deprivation will keep you from doing your best at the gym. A person should sleep at least 8 hours a day. Take this recommendation into account. The difference will be felt immediately.

Stress negatively affects the body of any person. But for fitness enthusiasts, high stress levels can be a real barrier to achieving their goals. Due to the constant hassle, the body does not have time to recover, there is a risk of overeating. Practice effective stress management techniques such as journaling, meditation, socializing with friends, and long driving around town. Better yet, run a marathon like Rocky did. Figure out which tricks are working for you and use them to deal with stress.

Alcohol is a toxin that slows down the breakdown of fats. And there is no difference – either you abuse it on the weekend, or allow yourself only a small glass in the evening after work. The body’s ability to burn fat is blocked until all alcohol has been removed from it. In addition, alcohol interferes with normal muscle recovery after exercise. Free your life from alcohol as much as possible.

Most importantly, you must have strong motivation before starting the transformation process. If you are standing here with one foot and there with the other, try to find stimuli that will relieve you of the slightest hesitation. Find a like-minded person, sign up for a section, pay for the services of a personal fitness instructor, or just make a list of the benefits that a new look will give you. Do not forget about self-promotion after achieving small goals. Use any technique to fully embrace your new lifestyle. Repeat to yourself: “At any cost, at any cost.”

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Remember: keeping motivation at a high level requires constant effort – even when Rocky had doubts about his victory, he did not stop giving all his best in training.

6. Setting goals

The goals should be specific and clear. It is desirable that they combine both physical changes (lose weight, gain muscle mass) and quality ones (increase the weight in the bench press by 5 kg, run 2 km in 10 minutes). Dual goals help keep you motivated — even if one of the pillars begins to wane. The most important goals are those related to health, as well as lifestyle and relationships. Want to have more strength and energy to play with your child? So write it down.

The more you strive for a goal, the higher the chances of achieving it.

7. Start!

Gloves on your hands and you’re in the ring. It’s time to start transforming. If you plan to study on an individual program, carefully read it so that you understand what is required of you. Work your body, baby.

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