Anavar: what you need to know about the drug? -

Anavar: what you need to know about the drug?

One of the main goals of many athletes and bodybuilders is to build muscle mass. Usually it takes quite a lot of time, and in the process of training you need to make incredible efforts. But, not everyone is ready to adhere to such a scheme, so Anavar is often used.

The drug is an effective steroid from the category of anabolics, which is similar to dihydrotestosterone. Previously, the substance was widely used for therapeutic and restorative purposes, as it provided a mild effect and a minimum of side effects. And, today the drug is a popular tool for improving the condition of muscle mass.

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Why Athletes Choose Anavar?

The first and most important advantage of the drug anavar 10 mg price is muscle growth. In the process of taking them, they become denser, firmer and stronger. A similar result is provided due to 2 types of changes that Anavar causes:

  • Reducing the size of the fat layer. The drug should not be confused with full-fledged fat-burning substances. But, in the process of taking it for a long period, the fat layer noticeably decreases. This is facilitated by an increase in muscle, which does not leave room for the accumulation of excess fat.
  • “Muscle Drying” Physical exercise provokes a decrease in nitrogen levels, which leads to a decline in strength and a decrease in endurance. Anavar prevents excessive loss of substances in the body, and also improves the synthesis of protein compounds. The result of such an impact is not only an increase in endurance, but also an increase in muscle mass.

There are many drugs on the market that can be superior to Anavar to some extent. But, most of them are quite strong, so they can provoke serious changes and a number of side effects. Anavar in this regard is significantly superior to them. It provides a mild effect, and there are practically no side effects.

In general, the effect can be described as muscle building, complemented by fat burning and improved relief. Moreover, the muscle fibers do not greatly increase in size, but are more strengthened from the inside, which contributes to the formation of a beautiful shape.

What is the half-life of Anavar?

Given the special chemical composition, it is important to be interested in advance how long the drug is retained in the body. Anavar belongs to the category of oral steroids, so its half-life is quite short.

Numerous studies have shown that this figure is approximately 9-10 hours. The drug shows a high level of effectiveness only within 4-7 hours. This means that for the best result, you can take Anwar about 2 times a day. This mode will ensure the optimal level of the substance in the blood during the active phase.


How to use Anavar?

To avoid side effects, it is worth contacting a specialist or a specialized doctor with this question. The help of professionals is especially important if the drug will be used for the first time or together with other substances from this category.

If we consider the generally accepted dosages, then for men they are no more than 50 mg per day, and for women – no more than 5 g. On forums and in thematic discussions, you can see that professional athletes write about dosages of about 50-100 mg per day. But, these are quite large doses that can cause side effects. For this reason, you should not experiment with your health. It is better to stick to small doses and gradually get the desired result without harming the body.

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