Fitness bikini -

Fitness bikini

Fitness bikini  – a competition to assess the physical fitness of girls entered IFBB in 2011.

Fitness bikinis should have an attractive appearance and a beautiful figure, but without obvious muscle relief (rounded buttocks, flat stomach, narrow hips). The low reputation of the fitness bikini division is explained by the fact that almost any girl can achieve such a physical form after a course of growth hormone and low androgenic drugs with regular strength training and a diet, and many girls have natural forms suitable for this standard. Therefore, most of the titles of fitness bikinis were obtained through bribing judges or other services for which many FBFR champions became famous.

Preparation for the competition includes:

  • Compliance with a diet ( diet for weight loss, keto diet, protein-carbohydrate alternation )
  • Strength (2-3 per week) and cardio training (2-3 per week)
  • Anabolic Muscle Growth Agents ( Growth Hormone, Low Androgenic Steroids )
  • Fat burners ( thyroxine, ephedrine, clenbuterol, and other weight loss drugs )
  • Sports nutrition ( protein, amino acids, pre-workout complex )
  • Plastic surgeries: liposuction, breast and buttock lift, implants, etc.

Differences between fitness bikini and other competitions

Differences from other women’s divisions according to the IFBB :

Womens Physique (formerly Women Bodybuilding )

Women Bodybuilding participants had huge muscle volumes and pronounced relief. As a result of the use of high doses of anabolic steroids, as a rule, all participants showed pronounced symptoms of masculinization, including a rough voice, atrophy of the mammary glands (almost all have implants), clitoris hypertrophy, male facial features, etc. Most female athletes have thinning hair on their heads and even male pattern baldness is observed.

Due to the fact that most of the athletes in the bodybuilding division had an extremely repulsive appearance and looked like men, Women’s Physique was formed in 2013 instead. In competitions, they began to give preference to more attractive girls, without obvious masculine features. Muscle volumes have become smaller, high demands are placed on relief, and high doses of androgenic and other anabolic agents are still used, therefore, most athletes have a rough voice, have breast implants (in view of their own atrophy), faces begin to acquire masculine features. Vumens the physicist includes 2 categories: height up to 163 cm and height above 163 cm.

Fitness (Women Fitness)

Outwardly attractive, practically have no masculine outlines. Many female athletes have breast implants. The volume of muscle mass is usually small, but high definition (including cubes on the abdomen) and muscle separation are required. The peculiarity of the category is that it is necessary to present a gymnastic program or dance.

Bodyfitness (Women Bodyfitness) or FIGURE (Figure)

The division was originally conceived as an alternative to Women Fitness without a gymnastics program. But if in fitness the volume and separation of muscles are assessed a second time, then in body fitness preference is given to more prominent girls with correct posture, wide shoulders and narrow hips. Some female athletes have a low voice and other mild signs of virilization and hyperandrogynism. Hair, makeup, gait and “stage confidence” are also assessed.

How to get into fitness bikini competition? 

This nomination in women’s bodybuilding is relatively new – it appeared in 2011. The International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness has puzzled over how to get more people to compete. After all, women in bodybuilding are quite masculine and do not attract male attention. And so the fitness bikini nomination was born – a cross between a beauty contest and a bodybuilding competition.

In a fitness bikini, the beauty of the female body is important, not the degree of its inflatedness. Muscles, of course, play an important role, but not a determining one.

Fitness Bikini Nominations 

In total, there are three nominations in the competition – by height:

  • up to 163 cm
  • up to 168 cm
  • over 168 cm.

All competitions have 1 round. The girls’ dress code is a two-piece swimsuit and high-heeled shoes. Girls are also abundantly smeared with makeup.

First part of the round

The first part of the round is called “Presentation”. This is what it consists of:

  • first you need to go to the center of the hall and face the judges;
  • then turn around and stand with your back to the judges;
  • turn around again and face the judges;
  • move to the edge of the stage, making room for the next one.

Each participant is given a time interval of 10 seconds. Keep your hands on your hips. No gestures are allowed.

Second part of the round

It’s called Comparison. All the participants go on stage, turn their faces first, then their backs. The judges have the opportunity to compare the girls with each other. What are the criteria for selecting the winners?

The important “components” of victory are:

  • expressiveness
  • general build and constitution
  • body beauty
  • skin tone
  • gait and posture.

Can you compete in fitness bikini competition?

An important role in the assessment of each of the girls is played by the initial constitution and structure of the body. If your legs are not long enough, your neck is too long, or your torso is too long, it will ruin the experience. In these competitions, it is the genetic predisposition to an ideal figure that plays a decisive role.

Muscles should be small, but developed. Pharmacology is absolutely unnecessary to build up such muscle volume.

The fat percentage should be low – around 8-10%. Before competition in fitness bikini girls give up carbohydrates and “dry out”. How? We wrote about this above. The general formula for the weight of bikinists is: height minus 112-114 = weight.

Breast volume is also of great importance, so most bikinists have artificial breasts. After all, the size of the breasts affects the overall impression of the quality of the body, and with a low content of subcutaneous fat, the breasts usually decrease.

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