Motivation for sports for girls -

Motivation for sports for girls

Modern life flies by especially rapidly. Everyone is constantly in a hurry somewhere, in a hurry, trying to find all sorts of ways to improve in the service, build a career, go entirely into raising children. Such a position does not imply a healthy lifestyle, since thoughts every day are only in a strictly defined projection: how to make more money and get ahead.

A similar attitude arose back in the capitalist period of the social system. Money rules the world, and this is the law. The modern position of adherents of this kind is to give up strength without looking back. Just think how much health, internal energy and strength each of us develops just to become one step higher in financial terms!

The issue of a healthy lifestyle is especially acute among girls and women. The fair sex always wants to look irresistible, since natural beauty is the keys to a good mood, the ability to easily establish contact with a new person, and satisfaction with their appearance. However, nature has not endowed all girls with a balanced metabolism, which plays one of the most important roles in maintaining body and spirit in good shape. Today, about 65% of women spend their work hours in offices where there is no normal personal care environment. In this case, we mean a normal separate food, rest.

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It so happened that recently so-called “fast food” establishments began to gain momentum especially actively, where you can have a fairly hearty snack at the cherished lunch hour. What is on the menu of a fast food restaurant shocks knowledgeable people. An excess of calories, solid dough and sugar will make your life “wonderful” in just a couple of months! And only later, at work, to the question “Why did you recover so dramatically?” Someone will look for the reason, completely not understanding what the matter is. It seems like after six o’clock in the evening we gave up food, and we try to eat less in the morning, but the weight still stands still. Or worse, it increases.

As soon as this or that woman with full awareness understands the situation in which she finds herself, there will be a desire to fix everything. To become again slim, irresistible, desirable. Friends will advise: “Eat right and exercise!” “Thank you, it turns out everything is so simple,” you say. Sign up to the nearest gym or take a subscription to the pool, attend four or five classes and … return to your usual way of life: After work – home. Have dinner and sleep. A similar mistake is made by about 80% of those who want to truly change their lives. It turns out that creating your own body is not as easy as it seems.

In order not to make such mistakes and to develop the willpower for training forever, you need to know illustrative examples of the success of people like you. Moreover, in any beginning of sports, it is necessary to firmly assimilate some points, which we will now talk about.

Motivation for sports for girls: three ingredients for success

Achieving this goal presupposes a well-established system of checks and balances. In this case, we are talking about a reasonable attitude towards the beginning of classes. Many people strive in the very first days of training to load their body with a large number of exhausting exercises in order to achieve the cherished goal as quickly as possible. Remember: under no circumstances should the word “quickly” be used in the process of acquiring excellent physical shape! Try to consciously approach the implementation of all the necessary actions, do not rush and do not hesitate. Do your thing with love.

In general, the motivation for sports in girls is well awakened in the following ways:

  • Remember the main thing
  • Do not hurry
  • Enjoy sports

From the very first workout, you must strictly remember that the process of “building” the body of your dreams is an effort that requires your willpower( Now that you have firmly decided to end unhealthy diet and daily routine forever, playing sports should certainly enter your life as an integral part of everything around you. Choose for yourself the best sport that will fully suit your temperament and character and complexion. Your goal is to exercise, lead a healthy lifestyle, and not drink alcohol and consume the wrong food. You are a woman, beauty and charm must accompany you throughout your life! Help yourself, because the final result will entirely depend on the persistent step towards the goal. In a word, remember the main thing, and the effort spent will be rewarded.

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As noted above, there is no need to rush anywhere. Sports activities must be clearly structured, convenient and comfortable. So, for example, if you want to go jogging, you should not “break” your body, waking up before dark with poor health. You can go jogging in the evening, after work, when nothing interferes with a quiet workout. Remember: decent results never come quickly, because the more time you spend on working on yourself, the more chances you have to achieve your cherished goal – the goal of having a great figure. Yes, as a nice bonus, you can add that over time, a person tends to get used to everything that will subsequently affect your training. If at the very beginning of sports you may feel some discomfort, then a little later, after a month or another,

And, perhaps, the most important point of success is the pleasure of playing sports. One of the Great Ones once remarked: “A healthy mind is in a healthy body.” The feeling of pleasure from training must certainly accompany every girl or woman, because only in this case can one hope for success. No matter how much a person goes against himself, sooner or later the negative feeling will take up, and then sports will stop by themselves. Love sports, wish it with all your heart, and he will certainly reciprocate you.

Motivation for sports for girls: listen to the professionals

Among the effective ways to increase motivation, you can also highlight the advice of professional athletes who have devoted their entire lives to sports.

1: The life credo inside of me is: “Your health is your wealth.” For this reason, the best motivation for me is the harmony of soul, body and way of thinking. I constantly adhere to the rules of healthy eating, sports, spiritual development. I believe that the combination of the above three criteria makes a person successful.

2: I’ve always focused on the visual effect of beauty. To this day, I am sure that the best motivation for sports for girls is seeing gorgeous chiseled figures on TV or on the pages of magazines.

3: My motivation for doing sports is my figure. I constantly train in gyms that have mirrors because my reflection is especially enjoyable. Agree, when a man walks next to you and cannot look away – what could be better?

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4: Often a lot of people come up to me with questions like “Tell me about your training program” or “Let me know how much bench press you do?” Things like this kindle in me the very spark that keeps the flame inside. In general, the best motivation for a girl, I believe, will be the appeal of both men and women with the words “You look great!”


Deep in her soul, every woman constantly strives to achieve the ideal of both beauty and soul. However, life is such that it is not always easy and quick to achieve what you want. A stunning figure, intelligence and kind character are the key to a successful life for any girl. And if the last two criteria are achieved by working on oneself mentally, then the first is exclusively physically. And in this case, motivation for sports is one of the fundamental points of future success.

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