Fitness Workout: A Beginner’s Program -

Fitness Workout: A Beginner’s Program

Everyone should have their own training program, previously agreed with an experienced instructor. However, you need to know the basic set of exercises, the total time of which should not exceed a maximum of an hour and a half. Any workout should begin with a warm-up to prepare the joints for stress and increase the heart rate. And most importantly, you should not be afraid of iron heavier than two kilograms. The belief that using heavy dumbbells will increase muscle mass and reshape remains a myth. The fact is that, unlike men, the level of the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for the increase in muscle volume, is much lower in women. Accordingly, every fitness workout for the female will be accompanied by an increase in endurance, a decrease in subcutaneous fat and the formation of a beautiful figure.

The fitness bikini program includes:

  • the first day, we pay attention to the shoulders: we pull the dumbbells in front of us while standing, press the dumbbells at an angle of 90 degrees, set the dumbbells at an angle in the slope, pull the bar to the chest;
  • the second day – back and biceps: standing dumbbell row, lever arm, medium and wide grip block for the head, lifting the bar from the knees while sitting, lifting the bar to biceps;
  • third day – chest and shoulders: dumbbell bench press at an angle, barbell and dumbbell bench press, dumbbell spread, standing dumbbell press;
  • the fourth day – training for the legs: squatting with a barbell, leg press, flexion and extension of the legs in the simulator, bends with a barbell while standing;
  • fifth day – back and triceps: upper block in front of you to the chest, horizontal block to the chest, block behind the head, French bench press.

Bikini Fitness Nutrition: What’s The Secret

Before embarking on diets, it is necessary to assess the ratio of body weight and percentage of fat, and then decide on the fitness bikini excess pounds. A balanced diet consists of the following ratio of macro-nutrients: slightly more protein than carbohydrates and slightly more carbohydrates than fat.

It is important to eat up to 7 times a day in small, even meals throughout the day. For example, if the calorie content of the daily diet is 2000 kcal, then each meal should not exceed 330 kcal.

On a note! You should not drastically reduce the calorie content of the diet. This will lead to a decrease in muscle mass.

Watch out for alcohol and salad dressings. They contain a huge amount of calories. Also, some of them are capable of causing chemical reactions that retain water in the body. The fitness bikini is designed to prove that an athletic woman’s body can be sexy and beautiful. It should be remembered that without training discipline and balanced nutrition, it is impossible to build the body of your dreams.

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