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Types of bodybuilders

In gyms, the entire contingent is divided into many castes, as in India, only in bodybuilding there is an opportunity to move from a caste niche to a higher one, but there are a number of points, not all castes treat each other well, there is an eternal struggle among castes.

Snowdrops (untouchable) are the lowest caste. Nobody respects them, this is due to a number of factors: they just came and most often for a short time, they have no sporting achievements and are in poor physical shape, they do not know anything about training (and about this 80% of conversations in the hall). Snowdrops usually communicate only with each other, sometimes they teach experienced athletes techniques. All castes do not like snowdrops, they rarely communicate with them of their own free will, while they are the most harmless caste.

Dryschi is the second caste after snowdrop. When the snowdrop begins to train steadily, it goes into the drydish caste. Drisha have their own podcasts, which only they understand, for other people they are all drysha.

Drushi podcasts:

  • An ordinary drishch – usually walks with an advanced drishch who trains him or just walks around the hall and bothers everyone, you can distinguish it from a snowdrop only by the fact that you see it more often. Loves to swing the bituha.
  • Advanced drish – a drish who has been practicing for more than six months, no longer confuses a barbell and dumbbells. I heard that it seems to be worth it from protein, is not afraid to talk to athletes, is slowly getting on the right path. I learned that besides the bituha, there are other muscles.
  • Drisch the future Mr. Olympia is a class of drisch who have gone down the wrong path of development. Their HSP is at the Mayweather level, and their achievements are advanced. They think they all know, and Mr. Olympia is only two yards away.
  • Drisch theorist is a very strange class of drischs, they seem to know everything better than you, but at the same time drischs. They can name the GI of potatoes and the half-life of cypionate, but they weigh 60 kg. They call all Mr. Olympia by year, and the bituch itself is 30 cm.
  • A novice athlete drish is the most correct type of drisch, usually at the beginning of training they go to the coach of any sport and train with him, aspiring and purposefully. They do not linger in drishch for a long time and quickly switch to another caste.
  • No longer drish – one of the transitional castes from drish to athlete, they usually have experience from a year of training. Also has its own podcasts.
  • No longer a creepy theoretician – the most annoying podcast is no longer creepy. At the same time, the weight barely exceeded 70, and the age was over 16. Knows all types of protein, loudly smudges over the drish when they do not know something. He takes offense when they say that at 40 everything will sag, but protein is not worth it, and in a fierce argument-scream tries to convince them. Every month he saves money, which his mother gives, and buys 1-2 ampoules of peptides from Docha. But AAS is afraid, although it already tells everyone how to do PCT.
  • The young chemist is no longer a jerk – a 16-18 year old boy who is addicted to AAS. Here it is necessary to tell in more detail. After practicing for a year, strengthening the biceps from 30 cm to 34, and weight 55 to 65, the young chemist conceived a course. Found a huckster in the hall and bought a pack of methane. I poured water from 65 to 70, and a couple of times spanked Masha, a classmate, the course ended. This is followed by strong apathy (not yet stable psyche and hormonal disruption), acne on the face, like a tortoise shell (due to hormonal disruption), plus Masha did not get up (all the same hormonal disruption), and Masha was offended and left , the result is teenage depression. I do not want to train, for a number of the above reasons. The overall result: weight – even if it is 60 and that’s good, Masha also threw it. It’s worth it? These are the “young chemists who are no longer pissed off”. Everything is exaggerated for fun, but there is a lot of truth here.

Fat- the most dangerous caste, it is better not to joke with them, and in general do not look in their direction, in no case do not look them in the eyes. When leaving the hall, if you want to eat a chocolate bar or some kind of fruit, look around, if there is a fat nearby, you may be in danger. In any danger – run, forget about pride, will and the like, remember one thing – they have already devoured more than a dozen people like you. Of course, there are exceptions, but it’s best not to risk it. When there are shiruhs in your gym, pretend that they are not there, do not notice them – this is the best and safest behavior. In some halls there is initiation into men, for this you should buy a bag of sweets, go to the transparent door, where there is a group lesson with fats and eat sweets. If you have eaten all the candies without losing a single one, and at the same time survived – the test has been passed successfully, congratulations you are a real man.

Fatty is one of the kindest castes, absolutely opposite to fatty, kind and do not bother anyone. Usually they sweat profusely on the path, then walk with a towel, with which they are inseparable. Unlike fats, they are very neat, they always wipe everything off. The most zealous fat people eventually turn into drins, and some even into non-athletes with experience.

Non-athletes with experience are the most sane and respected caste. This includes people with training experience who have been going to the gym for a very long time. They do not go in for sports, they usually train for themselves, as they say: “to keep fit.” Many of them look good, may have more experience than any athlete, some are former athletes. In a word – those who have a life behind the hall.

Healthy people and vegans are a very small caste. This is due to the fact that they do not have the strength, it is banal to go to training. They are extremely aggressive, aggressiveness can reach the level of “fat”, but at the same time they are more harmless, since there is less mass and, accordingly, strength. The most terrible representative of ZOZhnikov is ZOZhnitsa-Fat-Vegan.

Fitonyashka is the most revered caste among non-athletes. Pretty girls, attractive athletic figure, please the eye and raise testosterone and not only him. Interested in fats, as they also want to be like that. And they are very interested in everyone else. I am especially interested in two questions, who the fuck are they and how to fuck them @. They do not make contact well, especially if you walk to workout, but this does not stop anyone.

Fitness couple – a guy and a girl who work out together. A couple of drisch + fitonyashka extremely angers all men, because they do not understand why she gives a drishch, and not him to a handsome man. A pair of handsome + fat, arouses envy in women and sympathy in men.

Fatty, who lies that he is a security official – usually this caste includes men with a weight of 100+ with a bench press less than 150, who consider themselves to be inveterate security officers. Usually they are pure benchers, since squatting and pulling with such a weight is extremely difficult. Very often they teach drisha to reap, sometimes even on business. We would like to lose weight, but too lazy, everyone is told that strength is in the mass and they are not going to lose weight.

Types of athletes

Now let’s move on to the athletes (performing athletes), who are divided into two castes: Strong and Beautiful.

The first caste is strong . This caste includes all strength sports athletes: weightlifters, strong, bench press and lifter. In short, everyone who trains for strength. Weightlifters and strong athletes are extremely rare, as they train in separate places, so we will not consider them.

Podcasts of the Strong:

  • The Real Fat Lifter (LWL) is the most revered caste among the security forces. NZhL weighs over 120 kg, the most talented over 150, or even more. Raises so much that it seems impossible. Many people think that NWL cares about being fat, but they only care about the weight on the bar. Usually very sweaty, embarrasses everyone with a sweaty ass in tights, also with his screams during the approach. Strongly confuses the beautiful with their strength, because they also want to be strong, although they are not recognized. Usually spends 3-5 hours in the gym, resting during the approach for 5-15 minutes. If he occupies a bench or bench, forget about that equipment that day.
  • The Real Fat Bench Press (LJJ) is also a revered caste of security forces. Outwardly, it is hardly distinguishable from NZL, it also weighs over 120 or more. The only thing that differs from the NZL is that you will not see a leotard on it, but it has it. Hates deadlifts and squats, but sometimes does, with a weight of 2-3, or even 4 times less than the NWL. At this moment, everyone might think that he is just a fat man who is very technical, but no – this is a bench press. The favorite place of the bench press promise is the bench for the bench, they usually spend up to 90% of the training there, sometimes they leave to talk to the NWL. If you get too close to the NWL or NFJ in the locker room, before training, you can hear the smell of testosterone from them, sometimes it drips through the ears.
  • A real non-fat lifter (NNZL) is a revered caste both among the security forces and everyone else. NWL can raise a little less NWL, while looking no worse than beautiful, so almost everyone envies him, except for NWL and NWL. NNDL is usually in the range of 82-110 kg.
  • A lifter drish (LD) – a lifter less than 75 kg is a very strange caste, many confuse it with drish until they take the barbell, then everything becomes clear. The NWL may not notice the LD and step on him, to which the LD are very offended, calling the NWL fat, but the NWL is not offended, because he rarely listens to the LD. Also, the NWL are enraged that having arrived at the competition, you need to wait until the flyers perform (as the NWL calls LD).
  • Ant lifter – a lifter less than 69 kg with phenomenal results, usually less than 160 cm tall, and the results are like the MS of the IWL. Weakly distinguishable from ordinary people, but at the same time they are unrealistically strong.
  • The midget lifter is just a cheater. Moreover, they are so cheaters that they made a separate federation for them.

The second caste is beautiful . This caste includes performing bodybuilders and non-performing bodybuilders, as well as: fitness players, beachgoers. In a word – everyone who trains for a beautiful body, but already above the level of a dryness.

Beautiful podcasts:

  • The real performing Bodybuilder (BB) is the rarest of the beautiful and the most revered caste, usually sweats in a T-shirt near the shop and stinks of testosterone all over the hall. We respect both the beautiful and the siloviki, because something is uplifting. The ideal of all beautiful, except aesthetes and girls, although he thinks that he is ideal for them. Never poses near a mirror, only when practicing poses or at the request of a coach. He perceives his body as a source of income, and training as a job.
  • Fitnessist or classic performing bodybuilder (FIT) is a transitional class from drish to BB, a revered caste, but less than BB. They look very good, usually all females flow from them, and BB is extremely surprised by this. Favorite habitat – a mirror, unlike BB has not yet had time to admire his body. Posing in the mirror is extremely annoying for everyone, sometimes even for women.
  • Beachwear (Shorts) – classic bodybuilders in shorts, a caste that is rapidly gaining popularity. Also a transitional class from drish to BB. But some remain in it forever. Unlike FIT, you can earn money here, so Shorts are in no hurry to go to BB. In shorts there is no less money than in BB, plus it is easier to train and prepare, plus females are flowing. In short, some pluses, that’s all, and rushed. Only the security officials respect BB more for their work, and Short also do not like BB, for all their advantages.

  • Aesthetes (ES) are an extremely irritating caste, a transitional class from drisch to BB (they can perform both in Shorts and in classics at this time), but unlike FIT, they extremely do not recognize BB, says that they are not aesthetic, and Zizz did not die for this (I apologize for the black humor). They extremely hate everything that is not aesthetically pleasing, although everyone has a subjective opinion of aesthetics, which changes every day. Females also flow from them, but unlike FIT, they try to get out of it every time and reproach BB. Must have a poster of Zizza at home, on Zane’s edge. Must upload 2-3 photos a day to Instagram.

Unique persons.

Unique characters are inherent in any caste, here are some of them:

  • Lovers to talk. This type of people is very sociable, it is better not to mess with them, otherwise the rest between approaches is delayed up to half an hour, or even longer. This type is very common among fats and LLL and LJ.
  • Selfies are photo lovers. This type is common among fitons and aesthetes. This type of people believe that if they didn’t take a selfie in the gym, their training was in vain.
  • The Tradition Keeper is the oldest among all those who go in for training, and tells the traditions of the hall and stories from life. Usually begins with the phrase: “But in our time …”.
  • Weifai – a person who comes to the gym for the sake of WiFi can train for 3 hours, while doing 2-3 exercises.
  • A deputy coach is a person who always tells something to someone, not to be confused with those who like to talk, he teaches exercises, shows technique and gives instructions, alas, most often it is wrong.
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