Nutrition and training for beachgoers and bodybuilders -

Nutrition and training for beachgoers and bodybuilders

Bodybuilders work with heavy weights to build large, proportional muscles. The beach-goer strives for relief, so he needs to eat less and lift less. But this is not the only difference.

Each of us has an idea of ​​the ideal physique that we want to match. Perhaps you want an athletic and slim figure with sculpted abs and muscle volume to grab attention during a pool party. Or … you are inspired by the thought of a pile of muscles for everyone to envy. You want people to exclaim “Wow!” When they see you.

Be that as it may, this is your body, and only you can decide what size and what shape it should take. Once you have a goal, the next step is to create a nutrition and exercise program that works best for your goals. In this guide, you will learn how to eat and exercise to become a beach goer or bodybuilder.


What parts of the body to focus on

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If you want to shine on the beaches and pools, you need to focus on the muscle groups that are valued in the men’s physique category. These are the shoulders, upper back, chest, arms and abs. Of course, your legs need to be trained too, but since you are going to wear wide shorts, there is no reason to rock your hips to gigantic sizes.

Two muscle groups deserve special attention – abs and calves. Abs cubes are always in the spotlight, so be sure to work them out three times a week. The hips are hidden under the shorts most of the time, but the calves are in plain sight. Train them at least twice a week, doing 8-10 sets in each session.


The visiting card of a bodybuilder is not just a large volume, but a uniform and full-fledged development of all parts of the body. To do this, you need to train all muscle groups diligently, but so that they grow at a proportional pace. You don’t want any muscle group to stand out against the general background by its gigantic size or its underdevelopment.

You may need to slow down those parts of your body that are growing faster and pay more attention to stubborn muscle groups. They should be worked out more often and more intensively. The goal is to develop your back, chest, shoulders, arms, quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles to their maximum potential.

Repetition range

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Since the beach guy does not chase weight, he does not need to train with prohibitively heavy weights. Instead, it is better to take moderate weight and work in the middle repetition range. Aim for sets of 12-15 reps for the upper body, and 12-20 reps for leg exercises.



To stimulate the highest possible hypertrophy , a mix of different rep ranges is needed. At first, when laying the foundation for future victories, do more low-rep sets that develop both mass and strength at the same time. For upper body sets, do 6-10 reps, for lower body sets, do 8-12 reps.

Once you’ve built up some good muscle mass, add some variety to your rep range. Heavy sets are still relevant, but now you have to alternate them with multi-rep sets. In back training, there can be several sets of 6-10 repetitions, and the rest – 12-15 times. You can even superset or drop sets for 20-30 reps.

Exercise selection

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Basic exercises are a great choice for any purpose, because they allow you to work out several muscle groups at once. What you do not want to weigh 120 kg in competitive form, does not mean that you can ignore the fundamental strength training exercises – squats , deadlifts , bench presses barbell lying , rod thrust in the slope and military press . Do them, but also do exercises that target the parts of the body you want to maximize.

Want broad shoulders? Extend your arms to the sides with dumbbells , on blocks, or in a machine. For a wide back, pull-ups and pulls on the upper block are needed . The press should be trained with crunches and leg raises . Calves will grow in response to standing and seated calf raises . Do the incline press to add more upper chest mass – it always looks great.


A bodybuilder needs a combination of multi-joint and isolation movements to fully develop each muscle group. To build your shoulders, you need to include an overhead press with dumbbells or a barbell in the list of basic exercises . The press can be followed by side swings and side raises in an incline . The butterfly trainer is excellent for isolation, which allows you to target the middle and rear heads of deltoids.

Back develops deadlift in combination with a thrust in the slope and rods on the blocks under all possible angles. The bench press should be done on both a horizontal and an incline bench, this also applies to wiring. The legs respond well to a large training volume. You should load their squats, zhimom feet , hack squats , leg extensions , leg curls (lying, sitting or standing), attacks and Romanian deadlifts . (Not all in one workout, of course!)

The biceps grow well in response to a variety of curls, while the triceps need both isolating movements like the French press or extension on the upper block , and basic exercises. The latter include a close-grip bench press and dips .

Training split

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Training split is a matter of personal preference, but it makes sense to combine related muscle groups. For example, on one day, train the muscles that are responsible for pressing: chest, shoulders, and triceps. On another workout, do back and biceps rows, and on the third day, do your legs and abs. You can train every day or with a break for one or two days.

Sure, you can train like a bodybuilder and focus on one muscle group per day, but given the different goals, it doesn’t make much sense. Since lean and dry are a priority for the beachgoer, do cardio at least three times a week – unless you’re one of those lucky ones who are naturally skinny. If you find it difficult to dry out and keep fit, you may need to increase your cardio frequency up to six times a week.


While bodybuilders can combine muscle groups too, most see better results when they devote separate training days to their back, shoulders, chest, arms and legs. Again, there are no hard and fast rules. No one forbids making hands together with the chest or shoulders.


What’s more, you may feel that your legs are not getting maximum growth stimulus unless you break your quads and hamstrings into two separate workouts. You will attack the muscles with every possible exercise. If you need to limit the time of strength training, combine no more than two muscle groups or cut the volume of each session. Few people can train at maximum intensity for more than one hour, so try to keep within a reasonable time frame.

Power frequency

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Try to eat 3-4 times a day, plus a protein shake or two, every day. Breaks between meals should be no longer than 3-4 hours.


If you want to build extraordinary muscles, you have to eat much more often than the average person. Plan for at least four full meals a day, plus a cocktail, although it is in your best interest to eat 5 or even 6 times a day. This means that when you are awake, you will have to eat every 2-3 hours. Eating frequency is one of the biggest problems for aspiring bodybuilders. It’s not easy to prepare – and eat – that much food every day, but all the best bodybuilders do it.

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